Outdoor Lighting

Having that warm and inviting home starts with the outdoor lighting. This is the first thing that anyone entering your space sees, and the main thing that anyone passing by will see. Farmhouse outdoor lighting has a wide variety of options to get just the feel you are looking for.

We suggest starting from near the house and working your way out, but if you have your mind set on those hanging lights or that perfect patio post light, feel free to head right there!

Outdoor lighting can be one of the most intimidating yet exciting varieties to work with. Thankfully, at Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures we have the picture based style selection to help you sort through the best lighting for your home. 

When selecting outdoor lighting you should choose the space you want to light first, then move to specific lighting and finish. Whether lighting your front porch, back patio, or the entire length of your drive, Farmhouse Outdoor lighting will bring a rustic charm to the venue. If you do not have a space in mind, start with the lights next to your doors and work your way out to the porch, patio, driveway, and yard. 

Remember that a wall light or motion sensor light will have a different feel depending on the space they light. They will also appear differently depending on finish. It may be smart to match the gold or bronze finish of your outdoor lights to that of your indoor lights. It could also be that you want a more rustic copper outside and a more chic nickel inside.

Whatever area of your house and outdoors that you are choosing to light, take some time and browse our selection. We strive to provide you with all of the newest options in farmhouse outdoor lighting, while continuing to hold the tried and true. We hope you find just the light to make your home shine warmly in the night.